Coffee & Tea

Our coffee is our biggest passion. We serve Transcend coffee predominantly in espresso form but we also have your basic cup o’ joe covered too! The coffee is handled with care as it passes through our Rancilio equipment into premium quality Italian-made cups!

Our tea is carefully selected from some of the finest teas Tea Blendz has to offer. Within its 25 choices, our menu has everything you are looking for. Current favourites are Sencha Cherry Rose, Darjeeling, and Peachy Peach. Teas are served in single cup Brewt Tea brewers.




To start the day off, we offer a breakfast sandwich custom built by you. Choose your toppings and we’ll grill it for you! We also feature a small but mighty waffle menu – best in town!




Our selection of grilled sandwiches has all the bases covered, from sweet to spicy to savoury. Couple it with a salad or one of our award-winning soups and you’ve got yourself a meal!



Sweets & Treats

Our ever changing pastry cooler houses delectable pleasures that change depending on our mood, but fear not-the Goodness Bar is here to stay! Atop the cooler we provide fresh scones, cookies and other specialties.